Be Here Stories

Be Here Stories is a collaboration between the Museums on Main Street group at the Smithsonian and the MuseWeb Foundation. The project is designed to collect stories from rural America and share them not only when on-site, but also more broadly. Though this project has several components, at its core is the ability for participants to create geo-tagged stories that are subsequently available for consumption in their relevant locations.

Be Here Stories not only shares rich stories about America’s towns and waterways but also connects people, businesses, communities, and cultural institutions through storytelling.

Museweb Website

There is an iOS app for mobile listening and recording, but there is also a web interface that allows participants to listen in a non-geo-specific way as well as contribute recordings. The web interface also includes a map that plots all of the recordings in the database and allows them to be explored and listened to via a standard Google maps interface:

Be Here Stories Participation Map

Be Here Stories Map

You can download the free iOS app from the App Store: Be Here Stories