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Huawei “smart” glasses

Looks like Huawei is getting into the AR glasses game along with Bose, though they appear to be significantly behind at this point. Also, it is very hard to tell what their intentions are beyond glasses that act like headphones that have some form of interaction capability with tapping/touching. I don’t even know if these have an IMU built-in (though the ability to tap them to interact does suggest that they do) so they may not really be on par with the Bose Frames, but more will likely come out soon.

Sound That Surrounds, A Reflection on Immersive Audio in Three Movements

Sound often plays second-fiddle in discussions about emerging media forms. But what happens when makers build experiences around it? In this dialogue, three fellows at MIT’s Open Doc Lab share insights about their current projects, how they build relationships between audio and the world that listeners are passing through, and the role of participation in their work.

Field Notes: From Here to Where

From Here To Where is an audio installation designed to be experienced by people as they travel between Denver and the high plains of the Rockies, where Re/Call, the commissioning entity for this piece, was staging a weekend-long event. I was interested in the transition from the city to the country and, since most participants traveled more or less on the same path, I thought that was an opportunity.

AAR with VPS

I have been thinking for a while that Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) combined with big data and AI may be ultimately be very helpful for AR given how important accurate, precise and consistent location is for many AR experiences.